Interview with Iris Xhani, Project Manager at RINA Consulting

What is RINA’s role within HP4ALL?

Within the HP4ALL project, RINA Consulting aims to provide continuous support to the analysis conducted thanks to its expertise in the heat pumps (HP) field due to the participation in different European projects dealing with this technology.

In particular, RINA-C is in charge of analyzing the initiatives that have increased the skills in the energy sector in Italy, to contribute to the best practice diffusion assessment in Europe. Furthermore, RINA-C will support the analysis of the different opinions and points of view of various players in the sector: from the technology experts to the possible end users and building owners. In conclusion, RINA-C will contribute to the identification of the requirements and features of the HP Performance Benchmarking Tool.

What are the challenges ahead?

The main challenge we face is the development of a tool that will support the technology exploitation as it will allow end users to better understand it. The tool must be clear, simple to use and above all constructed based on the information collected by those who will actually use this tool. Sometimes conflicting points of view and opinions can generate different requirements that should be included in the definition and design phase. Moreover, the interaction with different actors and contacts is not always simple, especially in this particular historical moment when social interactions are extremely limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic.