Interview with Christiane Egger, Deputy Manager at OÖ Energiesparverband and leader of the HP4ALL tasks for boosting demand on heat pump skills.

What are the steps that will be carried out to boost heat pump skills and their demand in the three HP4ALL pilot regions?

HP4ALL’s main aim is the further development of the heat pumps (HP) market in the three pilot regions we operate in (Ireland, Andalucía/Spain, Upper Austria) by boosting the demand for HP skills. These pilot regions can then serve as case examples for replication in other regions and countries. Each pilot region focuses on developing the HP market in a concrete sector, depending on the needs identified in its specific context. Ireland is focusing on the residential sector; Andalucía on public buildings; and Upper Austria on larger-scale HPs in companies and industry.

HP market development requires working across the entire value chain, from professionals to end-users. From OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV), the energy agency of Upper Austria, we will carry out targeted activities to help increase skills, awareness, and demand for efficient HP solutions among key stakeholders (manufacturers, planners, end users, policymakers, etc). This way, we want to increase market pull (end-user awareness and demand), as well as the quality of knowledge and services provided by HP professionals (planners, installers).

At ESV, we will guide the pilot region partners through the development and implementation of their regional plans. This is where other activities of the HP4ALL project, such as the creation of an HP Knowledge Hub, an HP benchmarking tool and information materials for targeted actor groups (all region or country specific), will be rolled out in the three pilot regions through awareness campaigns and events. As a whole, this will have concrete impact on HP markets in these regions and set an example for other European countries. 

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