Interview with Mariana Fernández, Head of Communications & Capacity Building. PMO at Sustainable Innovations.

Q: Why is it important to communicate and disseminate the HP4ALL project goals and objectives?

A: The importance of a work package specifically dedicated to the project communication and dissemination is to make sure that the knowledge generated within this project reaches the targeted stakeholders.

In HP4ALL, we are focusing mainly on three different pilot regions, and each one has certain particularities (language, project scope, etc). This is challenging because we must adapt all our supports to guarantee that the communication strategy is successful no matter the audience we are addressing to.

Our main aim from Sustainable innovations is to provide guidance to the technical partners in the delivery of their tasks (heat pump skills boosting among all the value chain actors), as well as to raise awareness on the huge potential the heat pump industry has in the achievement of the green deal goals.

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